Teaching Testimonials

Miss Ingram, thank you for all the time, energy, and care you put into each lesson to make it so wonderful. Thank you for the love and appreciation of music you have helped foster in our sons. We greatly appreciate all you do.

~Parents of 6- and 8-year-old siblings

Thank you for teaching us piano. You are a terrific piano teacher! I really like the songs you give us. They are fun to play.

~8- and 9-year-old siblings

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I never had a nicer teacher than you.

~6-year-old student

Ms. Ingram, thank you for all that you taught our son this year. He learned so much and really enjoyed each week. We are so impressed with your talent and ability to share it with our child!

~Parents of a 10-year-old student

Danielle is an exceptional teacher with an outstanding talent for communicating. It is clear that she is well aware of the goals of the adult piano student. She demonstrates clear understanding of my enjoyment of the process of learning and encouraged it by answering my endless questions regarding artistic interpretation, expression, theory, composition, period styles, composers, practice techniques, and many, many more. Her responses were always clear, intelligent, and most of all, inspiring. In addition to being a dedicated musician and teacher, Danielle is a delightful and special person. Her unique approach to teaching transformed my lessons into a series of memorable events and new ventures in learning and musical appreciation.

~Adult piano student

Thank you so much for teaching me...I've had so much fun!

~14-year-old student

You are the best techr in the hole intir world. you are so good at music.*

~5-year-old student

(*all spelling and capitalization transcribed verbatim from original written source)

All these years flew by too quickly! I want to thank you for all you have done for my son and daughter! Because of you, they've enjoyed taking piano lessons and, under your wing, became passionate about playing piano. They learned so much from you. With your amazing kindness and patience, you taught them so well all these years and made a big difference in their lives. Thank you for all of that, it means a lot to us!

~Parents of 17- and 18-year-old siblings

Danielle Ingram has been a staff member of Calvary Assembly of God 'Kidz Church' for 7 years. Her interaction with the children is upbeat, positive, and relational. We have over 150 children enrolled in the children's programs at Calvary. Danielle has led teaching sessions and communicated very well with her students. She is a favorite with them! I would recommend her as a mentor, teacher, and friend to any child.

~Jana Bechtel (Kidz Church pastor)